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The Annual 2017

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Invest News November 2017

Doing business in Australia getting easier; Qld leads Australia’s innovation game; All the LMBA2017 winners + more.

INFOGRAPHIC: How communities drive decisions in aged care infrastructure

Community consultation helps drive how aged care facilities are shaped - here’s how Regis does it.

ANALYSIS: What (and who) is shaping the future of aged care infrastructure?

Guest editor Russell Allison on how a generation is influencing where and what aged care is now.

Design empowers senior living

ThomsonAdsett’s Rulla Asmar looks at the design nuances influencing modern aged care facilities.

IN FOCUS: How UQ’s Food Science Innovation Precinct is feeding the appetite for innovation

Guest editor Dr Mark Turner on why enabling companies to innovate is vital for our food future.

OPINION: Brisbane’s food researchers are in the innovation box seat

Brett Wiskar, R&D and Innovation Director at Wiley, says the city is perfectly placed to lead the innovation space.

VIDEO: How Brisbane food innovator Flavour Creations is changing lives

CEO Bernadette Eriksen delves into the human-centred triumphs behind her company.

News from the Invest team

Global precincts strategic vision released; PERKii's cash injection; Avocado Science + More

Invest News September 2017

Hilton-LOGOS to bring 500 new jobs; BNE > PEK coming December; Brisbane breaking tourism records, and more